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Annual General Body - Minutes Of Meeting 2020

Minutes of Meeting (20th Dec 2020) Annual General Body meeting

  1. Invocation and Welcome Speech done by Mr. Lakshmikanth, Director
  2. Read and Record of Meeting Notice done by Ms. Vijayalakshmi, Director
  3. Read and Record of Administrative Report done by Mr. Raghuprasad, President
  4. Approval of audited accounts for the year 2019-20 and read audit report done by Ms. Vinutha Venkanna, Director
  5. Approval of expenditure and excess expenditure for the year 2019-20 and approval of budget estimate for the year 2020-21 done by Mr.Kiran Kumar, Vice President
  6. Appointment of the Auditor for the year 2020-21 done by Mr.Kiran Kumar, Vice President
  7. Report on Development of Layout done by Mr.Raghuprasad , President
  8. Discussion of the queries from the attendees addressed by the CGTRIT, Purvacity and Paramvah Developers forum
  9. Vote of Thanks done by Mr. Lakshmikanth, Director

The above points are Approved by members in AGB.

During the AGB, member M-198 Hemalath GK, asked for current progress of the TSC-1& 2 projects. Member M-263 Ravindra T B, asked about the total land details of TSC-1& 2. Member M-21 Devi asked about when will the first phase of TSC-1 allotment start. Member M-272 Tejas Sharma asked to view the Land conversion papers of TSC-1 and Land papers of TSC-2. Member M-109 Prakash.M asked for the details about new project ITST -1 & 2 taken up by CGTRIT. Member M-173 Sai Kumari asked about how the Lockdown due to COVID Pandemic has affected the project progress.

For the member queries, the combined forum of CGTRIT, Purvacity and Paramvah provided the following response.

For the TSC-1 project, upto 60 acres of land procured. Out of which, 30 acres has been applied for DC conversion after completing the Land conversion stage. Due to Lockdown-COVID Pandemic, not much of progress took place in any of the projects. Adding to this, the first slot of allotment would take place tentatively by end of 2021 after the completion of DC conversion & STRR Approval, only if there are no further lockdowns in 2021.

At TSC-2 has around 8 acres land procured and negotiations for further procurement is in progress at the site location.

ITST -1 project at Doddaballapur town is a 7.2 acre land with Change of Land usage, DC Conversion and STRR Approval process completed.

ITST-2 project at Doddballapur Raod is a 10.5 acre with land acquisition completed. Further land procurement is in progress.

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