Thimmaiah Garden, R.T.Nagar, Bangalore-32 (080) 2333-1234


  • According to legal opinion and discussion with authroised ROS, the land document uploading on website is prohibited . However, members and associate members can visit society or developer office for document viewing only.
  • Please refer "Project Progress Report".
  • As decided in the society board meeting, SAGB will be conducted by oct 3rd week on a convenient date which will be conveyed.
  • Pls refer the document "CONCEPT OF SOCIETY" document
  • Updates of the process will be done periodically on the website.
  • According to ROS, GB should be conducted in the Regional language only. However, members who need details in English can contact society or developer office.
  • Henceforth, audit reports will be posted along with the invitation to the members only. Also members are responsible to send any queries to the society through post or mail atleast 15 days prior to General Body meeting. Please note that no oral questions are entertained during General Body meeting.
  • The first allotment can happen approximately by end of 2020 subject to approval from BIAAPA / BMRDA/ STRR APPROVAL ( SATELLITE TOWN RING ROAD PLANING AUTHORITY)
  • Seniority for allotment of site is considered by ROS based on in time installment payments done by members and associate members. Please note, members and associate members are timely intimated about their every installements to be paid.
  • This process completely depends on the concerned authority. Frequent followup and effort is in progress.
  • Court case no. : 34703-705/2017-CS-RES.
  • #1, Ali Askar Road, Blr -1.
  • This is upto individual discretion, any concequences or discripencies caused due to this formation, Society does not hold any responsibility or liable. Any delay caused in the project completion due to any obligations from members and associate memebers whatsapp groups, Admin of those groups will be held responisble. Any false informations and alligations about society or developers circulated within whatsapp group, approriate legal actions will be taken against such groups from the society.
  • Please refer "MOM-SEP23" document.


Thank you CGTRIT Housing society for all support and the information provided, which helped us to understand various details and make a decision. Dealing with the quality professionals of CGTRIT was by far my best experience.

V. Srivatsa